about us

MOGO CHAROLAIS is a FULL FRENCH CHAROLAIS ranch dedicated to the production of bulls for commercial cattlemen.  We strive to produce the finest terminal sires possible. Bulls we produce are marketed in Florida, Texas, and Alabama.  We breed bulls for balance, flexibility, and durability for use in rough terrain and extreme weather conditions.

BAR J CHAROLAIS is located on the Texas Gulf Coast in a semi-tropical environment that is probably not the greatest environment to raise cattle.  Yet our Charolais cattle thrive.  We operate with about 200 mother cows, approximately 150 are Full French and the remaining 50 are domestic bred or purebred cows.  Our environment is probably just like yours, loaded with flies, mosquitoes, and either hot and dry, or muddy.

Our cattle have to be able to travel and deal with the heat.