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HAMM MOGO U23 – Quality

HAMM MOGO U23 was evaluated on the USDA Feed utilization study at the University of Illinois. Preliminary results showed U23 calves were 96% choice or better with 12% prime and 12% high choice. Average IMF of 516. Feed efficiency data yielded RFI (Residual Feed Intake) of -.38 in the finishing period.

The carcass data completed with ultra-sound places U23 EPDs in the top 1% for IMF (marbling) and the top 1% for backfat in the Charolais breed. Also, U23 is rapidly being recognized for producing very good females. Contact Bovine Elite for semen or MOGO and BarJ for bulls and daughters produced by the great bull. Remember, U23 was the National Reserve Grand Champion Bull in Denver, 2010.

Daniel Hammond, MOGO Charolais

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