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HAMM BAR J 116U – Jernigan Golden Anniversary Sale in Tyler, Texas on November 6, 2010

116U is a Canadian ET bull bred by Roy Hertz, Calgary, Alberta. 116U, born 11/10/2008, is the son of the great sire and showbull Cabotin. No calves sired by Cabotin have been registered in the USA since 1971. The Dam , THUNDERHEAD TILLY 350C, is a daughter of TILL and a descendant of SYLVAIN.A flushmate to 116U was used as a herd bull in one of the top herds in Canada for several years. This bull is for sale only because we plan to use our National Reserve Grand Champion Bull, HAMM MOGO U23, heavily in our herd and we don’t have enough cows to give 116U the exposure he deserves.Watch for him in the Jernigan Golden Anniversary Sale, Tyler, Texas on November 6, 2010. P.S. We also plan to offer a show heifer by HAMM CHARBONEAU 2N in the Golden Anniversary Sale.

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