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herd sires

Hamm Charboneau 2N / FFM670371

    • HBC36091 Trois Mats T02

    M18330 Ali Baba Bramard

    • HBC58051 Quille Q02
    • FMC Elite Caid 78E

    FFC11068 ZH Energette 516E

    • FFC LGR Echo 928L

Charboneau is an ET son of the great bull, Ali Baba Bramard. Bred by Roy Hertz in Calgary, Alberta. Charboneau has become MOGO Charolais’s most consistent producer of outstanding show cattle. Charboneau is the sire of multiple show champions, HAMM MOGO U23 and HAMM Little Man 22S. Charboneau is an easy calving bull who passes flexibility, thickness, smoothness, and docility to his offspring. Carcass tests place Charboneau in the top 1-2% for ribeye area and back fat. Daughters consistently have small teats and adequate milk. Semen available from Bovine Elite. $20 per straw, $35 signing.

Hamm Mogo U23 / FFM754943

    • M18330 Ali Baba Bramard

    FFM670371 HAMM Charboneau 2N

    • FFC11068 Energette 516E
    • FFM604455 TWJ Romanov 180

    FFF986854 MOGO 2003 0094

    • FFF11950 Lady Eva

U23 is the best of what we produce at MOGO and BAR J. Reserve Grand Champion Bull at 41st National Charolais Show in Denver. Grand or Reserve Grand Champion at Fort Worth, Houston, American Royal, Missouri State Fair, Tulsa State Fair, and Kansas State Fair. Stan Cross says U23 is the most outstanding Charolais bull he has seen in 65 years of showing cattle. 1/4 semen interest was sold at the World Charolais Congress, San Antonio, Texas to a group of Missouri breeders including Mike Kisner (Wild Indian Acres) and Rick Hale. U23 is now in New Mexico for collection. Semen sales have been good with semen going to a number of countries. We expect great things from this young bull. Semen available Bovine Elite, $20/straw, $35 signing.

Mogo International / FFM670925

    • M2262 Charles International

    FFM48936 Eleuthera International

    • FF30789 Carousel International
    • FFM373909 Prince Valliant II

    FFF830036 Princess Leann

    • FFF680101 Princess BJW

Luther is a son of Eleuthera International out of an outstanding cow obtained from Forest Ingram (imported from England around 1980). Luther is a powerful bull, big footed and stout. His sons are in demand with many commercial breeders and have graded top bull in several sales. One of his sons, 44R, was successful at show and now is used at OBBCO Charolais, DeLeon, Texas. Semen available $20/straw.

Riata / FFM701516

    • R713075 Roturier 03 075

    M27462 Bayard (Imported French)

    • R3058099 Racine 58 099
    • FFM334085 GWM Fred 055

    FFF691562 GWM Hallie 2610

    • FFF564024 GWM Eve 9103

TWJ Vaillant 724 / FFM691797

    • 1893105503 Invincible

    FFM609332 Meillard

    • 7186113446 Badine
    • FFM448390 MM Easy Jupitar 36

    FFF844718 MM Pickle 112

    • FFF608467 MM Miss Digby 101

HAMM MOGO U1 / FFM754930 Homozygous Polled

    • FFM660412 Paladin

    FFM680355 HAMM Taskmaster 13P ET

    • EFFC12378 JH Carnaval’s Jewel 932J
    • FFM656395 Martel

    FFF996740 HAMM Vendeuse 3N ET

    • EFFC11394 JRR Classique TILLY602F

All ancestors DNA certified to herd in France


    • 5896119317 Marengo

    FFM660412 Paladin

    • 4297105855 Merveille
    • M34690 Carnaval

    EFFC12378 JH Carnaval’s Jewel 932J

    • FFC10842 Thunderhead Tilly 350C

TASKMASTER is a CANADIAN Polled Full French Bull (ET)
Now owned by Larry Addkison, Louisville, MS


    • HBC36091 TROIS MATS T02

    M18330 Ali Baba Bramard

    • HBC58051 Quille Q02
    • FMC1527 Elite Caid 78E

    FFC11068 ZH Energette 516E

    • FFC7257 LGR Echo 928L

ET full brother to HAMM CHARBONEAU 2N
Current Herd Sire at Bar J

Hamm Little Man 22S / FFM720184

    • M18330 Ali Baba Bramard

    FFM670371 HAMM Charboneau 2N

    • FFC11068 ZH Energette 516E
    • FFM62108 Ankonian Abraham 2

    FFF982836 MOGO Ankonian

    • FFF828994 Princess BJ

Current Herd Sire at Bar J

M6 7M Madrid 701 / M743803

    • M473299 ABC Latoro 263G

    M661388 Sparrows Madrid 7M

    • PFC213987 Sparrows Bambi 607D
    • M411450 LT Wyoming Wind 4020

    PLDF989888 TP Naomi N318

    • F656423 CC Miss Wienk 308

Current Herd Sire at Bar J

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